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My name is Relu Rodean, I am a missionary at Partners in Evangelism International / Romania.

I live in Campeni, I serve in the churches of Campeni, Avram Iancu, Vadu-Motilor and Cioara de Sus.

Our vision is to bring God's knowledge to the lost, and many to receive the Lord Jesus as a personal Savior and Savior.

About Ministry

We are currently 44 members and we want the church to grow both numerically and spiritually, and people who came, to find a place where the Lord is present, and to be saved.

Now we are involved in a place where there are no evangelistic Churches: Albac, 25 km away from Campeni. Here we are welcomed into three families where we meet periodically. There is currently no Baptist believer in this commune. We plan to plant a church, we are in the beginning, we pray, we fast, and we want the Lord to work in His ways.

As youth ministry, we have a football team with unbelieving young people in Campeni, we meet regularly at the gym where we have a time of relationship, in which we talk about Jesus, about faith and eternal life.
We also have two discipleship groups, led by some sisters in the church, groups that meet each week.

Prayer Requests:

  • May the Lord bless us with diligence, and the work of the church to propel and many people to be saved.

  • For Albac, the Lord to help us in church planting process.

  • For the youth ministry, the Lord to work at the hearts of those who come and hear the Word.

We are happy for all the support offered by PIEI, in prayers and financially.

Be blessed!

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