We are thankful to God for the wonderful time we had for a week in the camp with 15 young people, most of them from families who do not know the Lord. They were exposed to Bible study, hiking, games. After this camp I began to meet with their parents, to establish new relationships with them.

In the image below, I am together with an Orthodox priest and his family that we invited in our family, we had lunch together and we also went on a hike with them, to establish a relationship with them.

At the football field meeting I had discussions with 2 medical students, Claudiu and Sami who asked me several questions about Christ and I was able to interact with them.

Prayer Requests:

  • A project of visiting older people who are living isolated from other people and who have certain needs, we will talk to them about God, and we will share the gospel to them. We have 21 people on the list, and from next week we will start this work.

  • A young woman who comes to us at church, is not baptized, is called Bianca, has a small child; he will have a heart surgery on August 22 in Targu-Mures.

Thank you for your support both in prayer and financially. God bless you!

Relu Rodean - PIEI Missionary



Two major events that we had during June and which had a strong impact in our comunity: Outdoor evangelism in Campeni and Avram-Iancu with a fanfare musical band.

The other event was the participation in a sports competition with a football team - outdoor championship unfolded over two weeks, the occasion with which we shared the Gospel with participants, groups of young people and spectators coming to the field!

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for these outdoor events, for a strong impact of the Gospel, and an opening to the heart for our Savior.

  • Another reason for prayer would be the summer camp that we will start on July 15, for a week there will be 15 young people, non-believers, who will be exposed at Christian singing, bible study, prayers, games, hiking and other activities!

Thank you for your support!

Relu Rodean - PIEI Missionary

Street Evangelism

This month we started to go out on the streets of Campeni, to talk to people about the love of God and to be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. This two young people were opened to the Word of God. The first one named Sergiu, came up with so many questions about repentance, so, we are going to have a meeting next week. The other young man is called Toni.

Please pray that God will work on their heart.

Relu Rodean - PIEI Missionary

Youth Ministry in Campeni

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ!

Lately, God gave us opportunity to work with youth people through sport. We started to meet with youth people from Campeni at a gym for sport activities & discutions about God. Two of the young people with whom we had beautiful discussions about the Lord were the two young men in the picture below, Aron and Vasile. I enjoyed the opening they had and the desire to continue to meet.

Another time appropriate for evangelism I had during a visit to a church sister who is sick and who has gathered all her family and some neighbors for me to interact with them. It was a good time for prayer, discussion, and questions from the Bible. We had also a time to enjoy together at dinner.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-15 at 20.22.25(1).jpeg

Prayer requests:

  • For the two young men and for the others, to continue to come to our sport meetings, to be receptive to the Gospel and God continue to work in their lives.

  • Families gathered in the house of our sister; Ioana with Costi, Vasile with his wife, and Leanu.

Thank you for your support, both spiritually and financially. God bless you!

Relu Rodean - PIEI Missionary

Christmas Projects

One of the projects we had last Christmas was to tell the Good News to the ones who don't know Christ. Joined by a team of young people from Campeni, we went to visit the population there. We met a lot of people, we talked to them and we decided to meet again in the future. The Gospel was shared and God was glorified!

    Thank you for your prayers and encouragement and also for the financial support given to continue the ministry. God bless you!

Raul Rodean - PIEI Missionary

Baptismal service in Avram Iancu

God gave us a great day of joy at the baptismal service of five young men at Avram-Iancu.

I met them small, and I'm glad they made this important decision in their lives. Their mother died  a year and a half ago at the age of 52, and this led them to come closer to God. Their baptism took place in the Aries River, which brought many people from Avram-Iancu to take part in this event .

God be praised for this!

Thank you for your prayers. You are a real encouragement for us