The Beginning of Wisdom

I usually drive my granddaughters to school, so I know lots of people at school such as teachers, students and others. I am glad to talk to them about the Lord. They usually start the conversation first about the elections that are to be in March. They tell me that they have lost their confidence in all of our Ukrainian leaders. As a missionary I have the opportunity to tell them why is this happening with our country and Who can change the situation. I told them that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. Imagine that a person who fears God does not steal, he does not lie, he is not hypocritical, envious, cruel, brutish, wicked, mean, proud and so on. If only all our leaders, from the President to the prime minister and the deputies, were real Christians, our economical level would raise in a year.  People would have less accidents, people wouldn’t have so many diseases, cancer and diabetes, heart diseases and there would not be so much stress, so much hate and fraud among siblings, there would not be so many wars.

Impossible Things

All the teachers were listening very carefully when I was telling them all these things and answered me in different ways. Some of them told me that it is impossible to be honest and not lie. Others said that the rich don’t understand the poor. I told them that what is impossible to the world is possible to God. We have only to trust Him, repent and pray. We also have to read the Bible as only through it can we find the true way to the Lord. Please join in prayer with me for all the teachers and the people I reach. 

With the church from Fagadau we are studying the book of Psalms and pray for a spiritual awakening of the village. 

Thank you for your love and support. We love you and pray for you also. Love, Vasil Preutesa