Caroling Away


We started January by celebrating Christmas. Our youth joined the youth from Tarasauts and other youths from a nearby village called Buda Mare and went caroling at people’s houses in Vanchikauts and Fagadau. We were glad that all the houses we caroled hosted us well. A family that we were caroling liked the carols so much that started to sing with us. At the end they promised us to come to the Christmas service at church the next day to listen to more carols. 

Young Families

After Christmas I went to the village market and met a young woman there who visited our church with her husband at Christmas. I asked her whether she liked the Christmas program and she told me that her grandma was Christian and went to church. She told her a lot about Jesus when she was alive and now this young woman feels the need to repent. I have been talking with her for almost an hour and she asked me to pray for her and her husband to make the right decision. Please, join with us in prayer for this family. The wife’s name is Larisa, 46 and the husband’s name is Vasil aged 48. 


 I have visited another young family, Octavian and Lilia. They invited me for a cup of coffee and I gave them some tips about the family life, how should the spouses behave according to the Bible, which should be the relationship between parents and children, as well I told them Who is the family’s Designer. We pray for this family too. 

Thus, I had lots of opportunities to praise the Lord in January: through carols, poetry and sermons. We pray for each person on our prayer list. 

We thank you, pray for you and for the Stef family. We also pray for Pavel and Larisa Petihachny to be blessed. 

Love, brother Vasile Preutesa, pastor missionary in villages Fagadau and Vanchikauts