Blessed is He who Does Not See, Yet Believes

Fr.Preutesa predica la inmormantare.jpg

In November I had the opportunity to meet a friend of mine from Tarasauts, the former president of Kolkhoz, a collective farm in the former Soviet Union. His name is Vasil Shtyop and I’ve been friends with him since childhood. When I started to tell him about God’s love, he told me directly that he didn’t believe in God. I was stunned when I heard that. Then I told him that there were a lot of scientists who didn’t believe in God but later most of them changed their minds recognizing His existence. I also told him that just as you cannot see the wind, the air we breathe and our conscience but believe in their existence, so it is with God: we cannot see Him, but He exists.  In the end he promised me that he will think about what I told him and read the Bible. He also admitted that his wife has been very kind to him since she started to read the Bible, so maybe it must be something good in the Bible anyway. 

We had a funeral at our church in November. A lot of unsaved relatives came to the funeral and could hear the Gospel. There were also a lot of young families. Because most of the listeners didn’t understand Romanian, I preached in Russian. The children of the dead man promised me they will attend our church. 

I have visited the church in Marshentsa twice, where I preached the Gospel, also I visited the church in Taraasuts several times, where again I had the opportunity to preach.

Thank you for your prayers and material support. May the Lord reward your sacrifice! We pray for you, for the Stef family and Petihachny family. I wish you peace and happiness, health and faith. May you have joy from your children and grandchildren! 

As for me I am still struggling with the illnesses I received as a result of my surgery. I pray for God to make me a good servant as long as He needs me in his work. Please pray for me and my family. Pray also for all the missionaries from Ukraine. Pray for peace in our country and for wisdom to the leaders of our country. 

Best regards, Vasile Preutesa