Conversations With School Staff

Grace and peace from the church in Fagadu and from all Romanian churches in the area of northern Bucovina, Ukraine.

Fr.Vasile Preutesa la sarbatoarea Secerisuluiin bis.Fagadau.jpg

Because I often drive my grandchildren Iulia and Valerica to school I have the opportunity to talk to the school staff. They usually ask me how I find time to come to school with my grandchildren and take care of them. I answer that I love my grandchildren and love must be shown through your deeds. I also care that they learn well. I enjoy any opportunity to talk to the teachers about the love of God. Because I am a believer, I want them to know that I was a sinner once and even though I believed that God is with me, I was lost far away from God. Then God showed me that if I don’t repent and accept Him personally in my heart as my Savior, I will be lost forever. Two teachers asked me what should they do after they repented. I told them that they should read the Bible, and search continually to grow in their faith. Also, they shouldn’t pay attention to others who only laugh and despise those who are on the path of faith. At the end of our conversation I invited them to our church to see what we do there and who we are and then to make some conclusions about Christians. I told them that I will pray for them. Please pray for me and for all people to whom I talk about Jesus.  

Thanksgiving Updates

In October our church in Fagadau celebrated Thanksgiving Day. Our youth had a beautiful praise and worship program and we all thanked the Lord for all the blessings we received this year. 

My family is pretty well. During three weeks I have received strong drugs. They will keep me well for three months. I always thank God for strengthening me and for you who help me financially in my ministry and pray for me. May the Lord bless you! 

Best wishes, Vasil Preutesa, pastor missionary in Fagaday and Vanchikauts