Youth's Ministry Among Nonbelievers

Dear brothers and sisters, we greet you with the peace of the Lord!

February was an active month for me in the ministry. At the beginning of the month a brother from Minnesota, Constantin, visited us and held a youth conference. The topic of the conference was: “The youth’s ministry among nonbelievers.” It is a very current topic nowadays as I wish that all our youth should be filled with the wisdom and deeds of their faith, showing Christ in their lives, and proclaiming the Gospel using any appropriate moment to show people the way to Christ. 

Within one week I taught lessons at the Theological Institute to students on the subject: The Work of the Holy Spirit. I am glad that the students want to learn and are active in the Lord's work. I pray for the students as well.

The Global Church

We had a meeting with all the servants of our churches in Chernivtsi, where we had a time of prayer together and planned the Lord's work this summer. From February 19 to February 22, I was with some Ukrainian servants in Florence, Italy, at a summit that was organized there. There came a lot of brethren from all the countries of Western Europe, and from Russia, who shared the best experiences in the work of evangelism, and how it would be more effective to work in the future in different parts of the world, where there is the need for good and dedicated missionaries to carry the Gospel of Christ. 

At the end of the month we had another youth meeting at the Coffee House where 500 young people attended it. At the end of this meeting 6 young people dedicated their lives to Christ! 

Thank you for supporting us in the ministry. May the Lord reward your sacrifice! My family is sending warm greetings to Rosema Carl and Marilyn as well to Gabi and Cornel Stef. Be blessed. 

Best wishes, Grigory Postusak