Help for the burnt church building

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God bless who are reading this letter and everyone who is concerned about the ministry in Ukraine. Our country very needs prayer for peace and God's help to come over this hard time.

One of the Ukrainian churches which are located in the Mykolaiv City accidentally had been burned down and damaged at all. When we had found out of this incident we started to pray about them and decided to support the reconstruction of their church building.

This City is in the center of Ukraine for about 800 kilometers from Chernivtsi.  We gathered the group of the choir and went to them. They were so happy to see us and to receive the funds for their actual need – to rebuild the temple of God. We encouraged and inspired them to not give up and not fall down in the spirit but keep trust in God and pass the test from God with honor and patience. We have to receive from God everything He gave us with pleasure and understanding that it makes us better.

God`s purpose is to make Christians pure and perfect like He is! We would like to achieve His character and perfection.

Please, pray for this church, they need our moral and material support.

Thank you who keeps our needs in the heart and help us of doing this ministry.

Pastor-missionary Grigoriy Pastushak