Children Proclaiming God

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Greetings to you!

I am so glad that I have the possibility to write you about my ministry for the first time this year. 

The last month was very saturated with different kinds of ministries, meetings and trips. 

The most wonderful and memorable ministry was children’s service. It is so great when little children proclaim God and worship the Jesus Christ. It was on 6th of January. There were about 460 kids and a lots of unbelieving families could hear and see how we conduct our congregations.

Our youth had some meetings too. On such events as their CoffeeHouse usually people come from all over the region. This time there were about 500 young people. It is a great opportunity to talk with one another, to drink coffee and to hear the Gospel. 

The same meeting we made for all our church. Afterwards, there were a lots of good and positive impressions and feedbacks.

Spiritual Awakening

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I had a couple of invitations to visit some churches of our region. I had done these trips with a pleasure. 

I am glad with the fact that two young souls repented before God this last month. Praise the Lord I can work in our the Theological Institute, where I had a session week with the third course. I also took part on the radio broadcasting program. I briefly described my ministry. I ask God to give me strength and grace to continue this work for His glory.

I ask you to pray about spiritual awakening of our city. We want many people turn to God. Don`t forget to pray about a peace in Ukraine. Send hello to Marillyn, please.

We pray for Carl. May God bless him.

With respect,

Grigory Postusak