Gloria in Excelsis Deo

May the peace of the Lord fulfill your hearts!


On the first week of December we had a great holiday at our church, when 16 people made covenant with God through the water of baptism. We had lots of guests; there were also people who had never been to our church before. We pray for those people who are in search of the Truth to be enlightened by the Holy Word of God. 

On December 25th we celebrated the Nativity at our church. Six big choirs from all our area along with the symphonic orchestra “Gloria” praised the Lord through songs and carols. They praised Jesus who came on Earth to save us through His blood poured on Calvary. At the end of the service a person accepted the Lord.

Around 500 youths met up at the Coffee House at the end of the month. They praised the Lord through songs and heard a Sermon. I am glad that among our youths a lot of unsaved people come to those meetings and then they come to our church too. We pray for our youth from the church to be good missionaries and to share the Word of the Lord to the unsaved youths. We are getting ready for a children’s ministry which will be on January 6th. The children of our church will meet for a special Christmas program. We pray for them as they are the future of our church. 

Thank you for supporting me and every missionary in Ukraine. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be blessed! 

Best regards, Postusak Grigory