The Call to Repentance

   In April, the Lord helped me to lead many activities in and outside the church. In the first two weeks, we had a lot of training on how to organize the evangelism for Easter. We praised the Lord, as the young people and children and other churchmen took active part in these evangelism. Three people repented at those evangelisms. We pray for them.
 Another massive evangelization was at the National Theatre of Chernovtsy. There were 1500 people who listened to the Lord's Word spoken by the American preacher Michael Gott. Also a choir from Arkansas USA glorified the Lord though songs. Many people came in front during the call to repentance. Please pray with us for those people, we keep in touch with them. 


    We started do teach discipleship lessons to those who want to receive baptism this summer held in June 3rd. we pray for the ministry.  We also had a wedding at church in April. We pray for the young family.
    The youth met at the Coffee House at the end of the month. We are glad that more young people are interested in the Bible and come to study it.   We are preparing for the day camps for children that will be this summer. Please, pray with us for this ministry that the Lord will bless it.   We are making preparations for the Conference with Dr. Terry Mortinson from May 11 and 12 in our church.  
    My family is sending you lots of greetings.

Best regards, Postusak Grigory