February 2018

I started my ministry in February by teaching at the Theological institute a session in Systematic theology. I am glad that the students are keen in studying the Word of God. I pray for them.
At church we organized a meeting for young families. We had a great fellowship at a cup of coffee. I was glad to see lots of families coming to the meeting eager to learn the Word of God. They are glad to have such meetings at least once every three months. 
Our teens had a meeting at the Coffee House. They invited unsaved teens at the meeting and had a great time with different Bible contests, praise and worship songs and Bible study. We pray for them as they are the future of our church. 
I preached at three funeral services in our church. One was for a young man age 28 who passed away. There were a lot of people at that funeral who heard the Gospel. We pray that God’s Word will penetrate all the people’s hearts present at those funerals. 
Thank you for supporting us in the ministry. May the Lord bless you! We love you and pray for you. 
Best regards, Postusak Grigory