March 2017

Last month I worked mostly at the Seminary. At the beginning of March I taught Systematic theology to the first year students, then two weeks later I taught the third year students. I praise the Lord for giving us good students who are willing to study the Word of God. 

On March 24 I went to the rehab centre where with a group of brothers we started a new project there. There are so many people addicted to drugs and alcohol that we have to work more carefully with them. We pray in our churches and in home groups for people who are there and for those who work with such people. 

I talked at the radio giving Spiritual advice to the listeners, after their request. I took active part at the organization of the regional pastoral conference with the participation of the principal Baptist pastor of Ukraine Antonyak Valelriy. 

At the moment we are preparing for the outreaches that will be in April, May and June in concert halls and parks where again we will unfold the subject of reformation, on the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation. Also in June, in Chernauts we will have a Congress of the Baptists of Chernauts province. We pray the Lord to help us in this ministry. 

Best wishes, Pastushak Grigory