February 2017

With God’s help in February our church hosted 25 children from the war area, exactly from a town called Avdeevka that fell under bombs and explosions. Those children came so stressed, but spending 10 days with us, they became a little cheerful. They felt well in our families. 

With the children of our church that attend Sunday school, we prepared a program and organized a meeting for children on the last Sunday of February. There came 250 children at the meeting. They spent a great time with a Bible lesson, contests and games. We were glad that several children accepted the Lord in their hearts. We pray for them.

On the last Thursday of February the youth met at Coffee House. There were 350 young people at that meeting. They had a wonderful time praising the Lord through songs and hearing the Gospel.  We were glad that some young people accepted the Lord as their Savior. We pray for them. Also I and my mates from the Theological Institute had a week of bible study with the young people who have recently repented. I am glad that many of them decided to enter the seminary next year and are eager to study the Word of God. We pray for all our youth as they are the future of our church. 

Our church raised some funds for our brothers in Christ in the war area. This time we helped two cities in war, Mariupol and Mariinka. We thank God for the opportunity to help our brothers in need. We continue to pray the Lord to spot this war. 

I had the opportunity to assist at a devotional of a young brother as a pastor in a town in Chernivtsy region, called Hertsa. The brother’s name is Valery Gavriluk. He was a student at the Seminary in Chernovtsy and we are glad for him to face the challenge to work in the local church in Hertsa. We pray for this church and for the people in that town so that many would answer the calling of Jesus to repentance. Please pray for this brother to be strengthened in this ministry, because it is not so easy to be a good pastor. 

Thank you for supporting us and praying for us. Please, continue to pray for us because we need your prayers. May the Lord bless you and reward your sacrifice! 

Be blessed, Pastushak Gregory