Visiting the Sick

Dear brothers and sisters, 

I greet you with the peace of the Lord!

I started my ministry by visiting three members of our church who are bound to bed and shared the Communion with them on the first Sunday of February. I also peached them and prayed for them to recover. 

 I visited the rehab center in the neighboring village, Malinesht and talked to the patients there preaching the Bible and praying for them. There are 12 men at the moment in the center now. We pray for them to be free from drugs and alcohol. 

New Generations

I held two baby devotionals of two young families in our church. I am glad that our church is being enlarged with children as they are our future the new generation of the church. I pray for each child and young person of our church to be kept away from the devil and become a good servant of God. 

I also held an engagement at our church. Our youth leader, Natasha who is 41 got engaged to a brother in Christ from Romania. She has dedicated herself to the ministry with the youth and God has blessed her abundantly. Her example is a good motivation for the young sisters who are not married yet so as not to be discouraged but to trust in the Lord and God takes care of everybody.

Thank you for supporting me financially and through your prayer. We pray for you as well. May the Lord bless you and reward your sacrifice!

My family is greeting the Stef family and the Dornbos’s.

Love, your brother in Christ, Alexa Paskari