Christmas At Different Times

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We greet you with the love and peace of our Lord Jesus!

I started the month with three visits to the sick of the church where I shared Communion with them. I pray for their relatives who read the Bible but are not saved yet. 


On December 25th our youth visited the church in Malinesht village. They celebrate Christmas on December 25th and we went caroling in the village and shared the Good News to all people in Malinesht village. 

We are preparing to celebrate Christmas on January 7th as people in our village celebrate it then.  We prepared invitations to our church and Christian calendars to all the people we will visit. 

We helped financially a sick woman from our village who needed surgery.

Thank you for the spiritual and financial support. My family is sending you greetings on the occasion of the winter holidays.  May the Lord bless you! 

With love, your brother in Christ, Alexa Paskari