Young Families, Young Teachers

Dear brothers and sisters, 

I greet you with the peace of the Lord!

On the first Sunday of the month I visited two sick members of our church and shared the Communion with them. Their unsaved relatives could hear the Gospel. We pray for them to repent. 

Our choir visited three churches: Dolzhok, Malinesht and Forosna. All these churches are in neighboring villages and are very small so they need to be supported.  

The young families gather every week for Bible Study. We are glad for their desire to study the Bible. We pray for all the young families in our church as well for their children who attend Sunday school. We have a new young teacher at Sunday school, Tanya Paskar. She repented at the PIEI youth camp last year and received baptism this year. She is learning a lot from the other two teachers Tamara and Natasha, as she has great zeal in working with children. Besides Bible lessons, they are preparing songs, poems and skits for winter holidays. 

We have a joy in our family, our daughter Aliona and her husband Anatoli were blessed with another baby boy, Matheus. Thus, God has blessed us with the 7th grandson. May the Lord bless him! 

Thank you for supporting us in the ministry. Please pray for us and for the situation that has been created in our country. We trust the Lord and believe that He can protect us. We pray for you, for your families and your churches. May the Lord bless you with health! My family is sending you lots of warm greetings. 

Love, your brother in Christ, Alexa Paskari