You are Precious!


Indeed, each of the 20 women who attended the special meeting is precious!

         In Romania, we celebrate Mother’s Day in March, 8th.  We have been praying for few month to have a special celebration in our church on this occasion. We wanted to be both an evangelistic and refreshing event.

         The Lord was so gracious to us and we managed to organize a small event on the 9th of March. It was the very first time we organized such an event in our church. We invited the women from our church and we challenged them to invite some other women- their friends. We were so happy that 5 non-believers responded to our invitation.

         We had 2 guests from Bucharest who encouraged us and we spent more than 2 hours in fellowship. We spent time in the Word and doing some crafts- painted flower pots in which we planted a bulb of a flower and some spring cards using some napkins and an iron. It was for the first time for many of them to be involved in such activities, but it was a time when they felt precious and had some relaxing time.

         The Lord sent us to be salt and light in this world. We have to be open to bring taste and guidance. Please pray with us this event to have been for the non-believing women a taste of how good our Lord is and a spark of His wonderful guidance to Jesus!

Emanuela Geabou