„The World Race” Missionaries in Alexandria

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On March, 8th, we were blessed to know Gisele and Samantha, two missionaries who came in Romania through „The World Race”.

Together, we went to Orbeasca where the girls had a special lesson for the kids. Both Gisele’s Bible lesson and Samantha’s song were about the Light- Christ is the Light. Assured that whoever lives in the light doesn’t want to go back in darkness, we pray that those kids will come to know and share the Light of Christ!

In the evening we came back in Alexandria for the youth meeting. There we had an extraordary good time. The  teenagers from our group had the opportunity to hear about Gisele and Samantha’s life experience and how they came to know Lord Jesus. No doubt that the testimonies had great impact on those who haven’t chosen the Way of the Lord yet.

Both the kids from Orbeasca and the young people in Alexandria enjoyed not only the ministry of the two missionaries, but also the fact they could exercise English with natives.

God is great in puting together His servants from all over the world!