Childhood memories


Right after Christmas day, the team that works in Orbeasca went there to distribute some special presents to the kids. We stayed outside and we sang with them several carols we have learnt during past weeks. Their parents were invited to come, but they didn't. We still pray for the Lord to open their hearts. As those from the village didn't allow us to use their festivities hall, we used the same yard we used in summer for the VBS: sister Ioana's yard.

The pastor from BeOne Church in Vienna and his wife were with us as their church had prepared some special gifts for the children as well.

After we finished singing and the kids were gone, I remember the pastor asking sister Ioana if she doesn't find it hard to host a bunch of (sometimes messy and noisy) kids in her house. Her answer encouraged us so much to continue to evangelize those little hearts. Here is how she answered: "I wish I had known the Lord in my childhood... I would have been protected of so many consequences of my bad decisions. .. O, what a grace for this kids to hear about the Lord now! My house is not mine, it is my Lord's. I am at His disposal! "

Through God's grace, we are part of those children's memories. Only our Saviour can turn their memories into the right decision to follow Him in His time! Please pray for us to create full of grace childhood memories for these kids!

*in the picture: pastor Cristi Pană (BeOne Church of Vienna) and his wife, sister Ioana and young people who are involved in Children ministry in Orbeasca

Mihail Geabou - PIEI Missionary