Presents are here!


By God’s grace and because of the generosity of God loving people, the presents are here. This time they come from Finland.

May the Lord reward those who prepared them! May the Lord give us (those who distribute them) strength and wisdom to reach the children who need them most, the children who will delight in them.

For us as adults, as well for the kids, the Greatest Gift was and is the Gift that was send not from Finland but from above from God the Father. We didn’t receive sweets and toys but everlasting life, divine quality life through the incarnation of Jesus Christ.  I received the joy of the Lord and honestly, nobody and nothing can surpass the joy and fullfilment we have in Lord Christ.

There will be many presents shared this month. But happy ar those who receive the Gift of God- Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord!

May Jesus be your joy and happiness!

Mihail & Emanuela Geabou