Important Children's Ministry

With the help of God, we spent a month in which we enjoyed the goodness of God. From July 23 till July 28 our church organized VBS for the children of our village. 100 children had a blessed week full of contests, games, sports and Bible study. We also prepared tasty food for them. After the meal they went home. Thank you for your prayers for this wonderful and important ministry. 

Teens at Camp

Twenty-five teens from our village, aged 15-22, attended the PIEI camp in Boian. As a result of this camp our church raised with three young people who accepted the Lord at the PIEI camp. One of the three young people has Christian parents, the other one has a Christian mother only and the third one whose name is Edgar, both parents are non-believers. Edgar’s parents struggle and try to shake off all this “nonsense”, as they express themselves, but Edgar is under God’s protection. Please pray for these three people, Edgar, Andrei and Dan, to be protected by God and kept in His mercy. 

Thank you wholeheartedly for your prayers and financial support. Thank you for standing by us. We thank you with all our family and pray for you. May God’s peace be with you! 

Grigory Kioresko