Planning a Baptism

May the peace of our Lord fulfill you abundantly! 

I always thank the Lord for you who pray for me and support the missionary work in our country. The first summer month has passed with lots of work in the fields and at church. 

I worked intensively with the candidates for baptism and had singing practice with the church choir.  We planned a Baptism at the beginning of July. We have a great joy because our youngest daughter Gloria has decided to get baptized too. 

Returning to the Church

I made 5 pastoral visits, two visits at the hospital where I had the opportunity to preach the Gospel to other sick people.  I preached 14 sermons in the church I lead and talked to a young man who repented at the PIEI camp two years ago and used to come to church but suddenly stopped. After our meeting we praised the Lord that he has returned to church. He told me that he is coming to the PIEI youth camp again. Please, pray for him, his name is Dan Statnik. 

We are preparing for the children's VBS in our village at the moment. We are preparing the material needed for working with children. Please pray for this ministry from July because it is very important. Through the children that will come to VBS parents can hear the Gospel and come to church. Please pray for our family, for health, peace and more importantly to follow our Lord with the whole family and love Him with all our hearts. Thank you for everything you do for us.

Love, Kioresko Grigory