Through Grief Comes Hope

Dear brothers and sisters,

In vizita la diaconul bisericii care este bolnav.jpg

From the first lines I greet you with the peace of the Lord who carries us in His chariot of victory every day. God has shown us His amazing mercy during the last autumn month providing us everyday with food, peace in our area although our country is at war, and leading us triumphant from trials. We praise Him for everything.

We had a funeral at our church. A sister in Christ, a member of our church, passed away. Her children who are not believers and a lot of unsaved relatives were able to hear about Christ’s love for them. We had a wonderful opportunity to evangelize the unsaved people. 

At church we are preparing for winter holidays: the youth, children and the choir have singing practice and other preparations. Most importantly we pray for our country which wastes a lot of money on the war in which so many people have been dying. Because of the war life in Ukraine has become very expensive and we can hardly bear it.  Join with us in prayer for God’s plan in our country, and if this is His plan, to humble people, then pray for us to receive power from God to withstand all the trials.

May God’s peace be with you!

Love, Kioresko Grigoriy