Gospel in the Radio Waves

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Warm greetings in Jesus’ Name from Chernauti, Ukraine!

I and my family always thank our Lord for you, for your prayer and financial support. I pray Him to be your great reward.  

With God’s help and your prayers, we have lived through one more beautiful fall month. In October I visited some churches in Constantsa, Romania, where I preached in five churches. I had the opportunity to be live on a Christian radio in Constantsa where I could share with the radio listeners how God works in Ukraine. 

Opportunities to Share

I preached at a funeral where the relatives are deep orthodox believers. I preached to them about Jesus’s salvation and His blood sacrifice for us, sinners. 


Two young women and a young boy who is 16 and who is orphan started to come regularly to our church in Rakitna. Please, pray for them to choose Christ for their lives and repent. 

 We praise the Lord for blessings and trials He gives us in our family. Pray for us and for peace in our country. The situation in our country is not stable, it is becoming harder and harder, as the prices are rising incredibly. Please pray for God’s ministry to continue and not stop. I leave you with the peace of our Lord.  

Best regards, Kioresko Grigory