Watching Seeds Grow


I glorify God for taking care of us every day in any ministry we do. 

I want to share with you the joy we have at church as a wonderful result of the PIEI camp we had this summer in August. Two young boys, Andrey and Vadim, who repented at the PIEI youth camp this summer, come regularly to church and are keen to study the Bible. They are very active in the church ministry along with other youths of our church. We glorify God who has started His ministry in these youths’ lives too.  Let’s pray for them to be strong in their faith and to stay near God all their life so that the other people in our village could se Jesus in their lives. 

Precious Teachings

Tineretul la programul de lauda si inchinare.jpg

At the end of October all the Romanian churches in our district celebrated Thanksgiving in the town square of Novoselitsa. Our youth took an active part at that outreach. A lot of passers by stopped to hear the praise to God given by the youth through songs and the sermon. We pray for everybody who heard the Gospel to be touched by the Holy Spirit. 

The preachers of our church attended a seminar in Chernauti, held by a professor in Theology from Bucharest, Romania. We all received precious teachings. 

Thank you for supporting us in our ministry here. I wish our partnership never end so we could be workers in the Lord’s vineyard.

Best regards, Gortopan Mihai