The Future of the Church


I praise the Lord for letting us to live one more month in which He showed us His mercy and kindness. This month the youth had the opportunity to lead a whole service at church one Sunday. All the church was encouraged to pray for our youth because they are the new generation and the future of our church.

Missions Around the World

We were visited by a young missionary family from Kazakhstan. They presented their work and their vision for the future, to go to a poorer area and work with street children. We always pray for them, and were able to give them financial help to support them and their work (Elena and Sergei). On the last Sunday of September, we celebrated Thanksgiving when we praised and thanked God for the blessed harvest and for His care during this year. There were unsaved people at church too who could hear the Gospel. On the same afternoon our choir visited a smaller church in our district and we were a great encouragement and joy for brothers and sisters of that church.  


Thank you for the great support you give us. You are our help, encouragement, and reason of thanksgiving and praise to God. Pray with us for the work in Ukraine.

Best regards, Gortopan Mihai