June 2017

I glorify God because in the ministry that we do, He takes great care of us every day. The first summer month passed and with it the ministry of day camps for children organized by some sisters of our church in other churches and villages. I was glad to hear that the children from the church invited their unsaved friends to the camps. I pray God to work in their hearts repentance.

A six-week Bible study began in the church: 'Heaven, hell and life after death'. It is an important study that goes through all scripture and it helps us to discover ourselves what God says and how to apply these truths in our everyday life. Each study is a resource for personal growth and group discussions, so I want it to be useful to everyone who listens to it.

Thank you so much for sacrificing and working with us. You are for us a blessing and great encouragement that you give us in the work. We look forward to seeing each other again in August, and let us all help the camp to be between 31 July and 5 August.

Best wishes, Gortopan Mihai