October 2017

I praise and glorify God for His wonderful everyday care. At the beginning of the month I took part in the outreach in Rakitna village where two days I gave spiritual conciliation to the people who came to be checked by the doctors-volunteers. I talked to around 70 people. More than half of them didn’t have a personal relation with God. I pray for them to be transformed by God. 

All the churches in Nousulitsa district held a Thanksgiving service in the front of the central town square, in front of the 

house of culture. Our church had the task to decorate the stage with fruit and vegetables. A lot of unsaved people had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. 

The children in our church have Sunday school every Sunday. Also a young lady in our church started a children choir this month. Pray with us for this ministry and for this lady to be strengthened in the ministry. 

Thank you for everything you do for us. I wish to continue to be partners with you in the future.

Best regards, Mihai Gortopan