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My name is Florin Botar, I am a missionary at Partners in Evangelism International / Romania.

I live in Campeni with my family, my wife: Magda, together we have two girls: Damaris and Anamaria.

I graduated from the Theological Institute in Bucharest in 2002. I work as a Pastor in the Apuseni Mountains in two Churches, in the Ponorel and Sohodol villages.

In my work in the two villages, I meet unbelieving people, whom I pray with, together with the two churches, we want to show them the way of salvation through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

About Ministry

We started a mission point in Brazesti, 30 km away from Campeni. There are no evangelistic churches in this locality at this time. There we meet two believers, and we want to plant a church, where we can gather and proclaim the word God to the people.

Another work God make us part: We work at 2 orphanages in Abrud, we do monthly visits, there are 8 people in each house + their teachers and carers. I proclaim the Lord's word and at the same time I help them with food, clothing and other things they need.

Vision: Planting the church in Brazesti and proclaiming the Gospel in this village to as many people as possible. Approaching and proclaiming the word to those from the orphanages in Abrud.

I want to get closer to the people I meet, the unbelievers in Ponorel and Sohodol, and also to have more evangelistic events in the Churches. I want a friendship with the unbelievers, then, by personal example and by the power of the Word of God, these people to be saved.

Prayer Requests:

  • For the two villages where I serve, the non-believers people here.

  • For Brazesti: extension of the prayer group there. May the Lord bring salvation to many souls in Brazesti.

  • Help in church planting process in Brazesti

  • For the Orphanage in Abrud: orphanages and their educators.

We want the Lord to bless the ministry in the Apuseni Mountains, this particularly difficult area for the development of the Gospel.

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