Broadcasting the Gospel

Hello, we send to you a great greeting from our family! Peace to all of you! 

For me and my wife, it`s a privilege and honor to work with radio broadcasting programs. We couldn`t dream about this but God gave us this opportunity, so it is a blessing and a responsibility at the same time. Thanks to the Lord that He entrusted us with so important a ministry, to spread the Gospel to unbelievers. From day to day we learn and want to make this ministry better.

We record the "Family Bible Hour" program on the radio for 15 minutes. We read the Bible there and discuss biblical stories and current applications. 

I and Nadia, we have one more "Family Bible Hour " program, but it is for 50 minutes online with video streaming and at RadioM waves (Donetsk, Lugansk and Odessa regions). We invite some pastors, psychologists or social workers to talk about family topics. This program is online, so listeners can call us and write comments on the Facebook Live. We host it once a week.

We have a little team which attends homes with old Christians and unbelievers. We talk with them, sing songs and share the Gospel.

We arranged a family home group, invited different families, and have a nice time. We talk about the worries of life and how to solve them, inspire each other, sing songs and have a short service. Everyone is satisfied and excited with such meetings.

Every month I preach in our local church “House of peace” with pleasure. 

Thank you very much for your support and prayers. It is a great privilege and honor for us to cooperate with you for God`s glory and His Kingdom. God bless you abundantly!

With prayer for you,

Alex and Nadia Pastushak