Glory God from disabled people

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I send greetings to brothers and sisters in the USA who cares about our ministry here, who prays and supports us.

God gave us everything we need so we have to be grateful Him for that. How little we thank Him for our legs and arms, for our healthy mind and ability to live. There are so many people that don`t have such many blessings that we have.

One guy, he is 28 years old and his name is Michael, he is disabled with his body and his mind. That`s the very sorry and sad picture when you see him. He is thinking like a teenager and can`t read and write. I showed him how to play guitar, he liked Christian songs, we talked about God and His love. I know him for about 10 years. I visit him often and try to help his mother, I take him on a wheelchair and go to the city and to the park with animals. His mother is named Irina and she is a widow so she looks after him alone and is too tired and distressed. Michael was born with сerebral palsy so all his life Irina cares about him.

Every month he visits a Christian club where he can listen about Jesus, sings some songs and plays games. This time he heard about the Palm week and the Easter. They learned a song with such meaning: With God, everyone who was blind can see now, who was deaf can hear now and who was disabled can walk now. God is almighty and nothing is impossible to Him.

This day Michael prayed to God and asked Him for forgiveness. I pray God he realizes the real meaning of these words and has a rebirth with Holy Spirit.

Please, pray for him and his mother. May God bless them with all His richness and goodness.

Thank you for your help to such needs.

Missionary Alex Pastushak