About Grigory Kioresco

Pavel and his wife Larissa

My name is Grigory Kioresco, I am the pastor of Baptist Church in the village of Rachitna, district of Noua-Sulita, Cernivtsi Region, Ukraine.

I was born on December 22nd, 1963 in a family with 10 children, being the youngest child.  My Christian parents were a great example for me, so that after I finished school I received the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  I completed 10 grades of middle school, then three years of professional school.  During these last three years I also attended music school and learned to become a choir conductor.  I started to work in the church as a choir director.  On February 2nd 1985 I was baptized shortly after I accepted the Lord as my Savior.

In 1986 I got married to Mila, my wife, and together we have five children, a wonderful family, all children are believers and serve the Lord in their respective local church.

 Two years later I received the call to become a preacher.  I went to Seminary in Bucharest, Romania from 2002-2006 when I graduated. 

About the Ministry:

I started to preach in 1990, after which the church in Rachitna elected me to serve in the church as a deacon.  In 1993 I was ordained as pastor and sent to pastor the church in Forosna, which I did from 1993 to 2002.

In 2002 to 2014 I pastored the church in Marsenta, also helping the aging pastor from Rachitna.  From 2010 to present I am the pastor of the church in Rachitna.

Our Vision:

·         For all 1800 people in our village to hear the truth about Christ, and to see Him in us, the believers.

Our Mission:

·         We are intentional in our efforts to meet spiritual and material needs in our village and in the neighboring villages.

·         We focus on Children’s ministry: Sunday School, day camps every quarter and whenever the children have a school break.

Our Strategy:

·         We seek to involve the youth in children’s ministry, evangelistic meetings, encourage and give opportunities to young preachers

·         We involve the whole church body in social projects, giving opportunities for our senior saints to feel useful, happy, and fulfilled through the work of God that is being done.

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