October 2017

On October 7th and 8th, 23 doctors-volunteers came from Kiev in our village and checked people prescribing them medicine for free. 380 people were consulted by the doctors and talked to the spiritual consulters. As a result of this evangelism two people accepted the Lord and other 4 come regularly to church. 

May 2017

Please, pray for me, for our church and for the ministers of our church. We are facing hard times now, that’s why pray for me to hear God’s voice and any choice that will be taken, let it be after God’s will. We believe that God is omniscient and will work to build His church spiritually. 

April 2017

Every Thursday we have singing practice with the church choir and on Fridays the men of our church have a time of prayer and Bible study. We pray for the ministry that will be in October when a team of Christian doctors will come in our village to give free assistance to everybody in need as well to tell the people about God.

February 2017

We organized an outreach in Rakitna where 308 people attended it. It was a great evangelism and people in the community liked it a lot, but they don’t want to repent. Please, pray for our village and the people living here, as well for the local church in Rakitna. We all need a spiritual awakening. 

November 2016

This month I was ill, I had a cold. I praise God for healing me. My family is getting bigger: in Benjamin’s family a baby boy was born. The most important thing is that everybody is serving the Lord. I may say the words written in 3 John 4- “I have no greater joy than to hear that my childrenare walking in the truth.”