About Alexa Pascari

Pavel and his wife Larissa

My name is Alexa Pascari, and I am the pasor of the Baptist Church in the village of Dinauti, region of Cernivtsi, in South-West Ukraine.

I am married with Nadia Gogoman and together we have eight children, four daughters and four sons: Aliona, Adela, Slavic, David, Alina, Daniel, Iosif, and Lilia.  Aliona and David are married, and we have four small grandchildren.

I grew up in a family where only my mother was a believer, my father was not.  I came to know the Lord Jesus because of my godly mother, thus in 1978 I became a believer, and in 1980 I was baptized with the new believer’s water baptism.

In 1989 I was elected elder in the church in Dinauti, and two years later I was ordained as the pastor of this church.  Since that time I continue to serve as the senior pastor, and I also serve in other smaller rural churches.

About the Ministry:

Dinauti is a village in the region of Chernivtsi, Ukraine (former Romanian territory taken by the former Soviet Union which remained part of Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union).  As of the 2016 census, the population of Dinauti is 4,163 people.  The majority (96% are Romanian by nationality, and by denomination 94% are Orthodox (like Greek Orthodox).

  Our Vision:

·         to have a community of believers in the image of God that are able to make disciples and multiply

  Our Objectives:

·         to build and train a team with viable projects

·         to cover our ministry in prayer, especially for spiritual protection

·         the salvation of people through evangelism and showing God’s love through social involvement

  Our Mission:

·         to coordinate the workers’ mission team from Dinauti, evangelism, children’s ministry, small groups in homes, identification and visitation of families who are open to the gospel, social involvement (to the needy and special situations).

  Our Strategy:

·         Use our involvement opportunities:

·         Children’s ministry

·         Evangelism in the village

·         Recruitment, discipleship, and training of new workers

·         Financial and spiritual support, prayer

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