May 2017

ur choir visited the church in Malinesht, our neighbor village, where we encouraged our brothers and sisters of that small church. We often visit them because being a few of believers they need our help and support. We pray for Malineshti, a large village with just a few believers. 

February 2017

There are 2 months since I have started discipleship lessons with 6 candidates for baptism. We are planning a New Testimonial baptism this summer. We pray for this event and for the candidates to be strengthened in their faith. Every Wednesday we do a bible study with the young families. We pray for them too. 

November 2016

At church we celebrated 26 years since the opening of the church building in our village. With this occasion we had a great evangelism at church with lots of guests. Our youth and children had a wonderful praise and worship program. We pray for those people who came to church for the first time and heard the Gospel.