Pavel Petihachny- July 2016 Update

Peace of the Lord to you, dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ!

On July 2nd there was a mega outreach on the stadium in Novoselitsa, where around 4000 people had the opportunity to hear the Gospel preached by a preacher from Canada, George Daviduk, and praise and worship songs by a group of singers named “Hope”. We were glad that 12 people accepted the Lord in their heart. One of them is a young lady from Nesvoia. Her name is Adriana. We pray for the people who repented at the outreach. 

In July we met the leaders of the PIEI camp and instructed them what to do during the camp. We all pray and fast for a safe and a blessed trip of sister Patricia from America and brother Mike from Romania. We also pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the PIEI camp.

I lead the baby dedication of Alex Paskar granddaughter, Binedeta. She is Alina and Anatol’s third child. We remind you that Alina is brother Alex’s daughter. May he lord bless this family!

We organized an outreach in balkauts, a neighboring village of Nesvoia. The church there is very small and there came a lot of people eager to listen to the Word of God. At the end of the sermon I got a lot of questions concerning religion and God. After that outreach five people attend regularly the church. Please pray for those people who wish to serve God. 

I visited all pastors in Novoselitsa district with the purpose of encouraging them and offering my support in their ministry. 

I preached at another outreach that was in Nesvoia, where there were present a lot of unsaved people. Thank you for the spiritual and financial support. May the Lord reward you and bless you!

Best regards, Pavel and Larisa Petihachny