August Update- Vasil Preutesa

My family and the church in Fagadau – Vanchikauts send you holy greetings and wish you to be healthy.  Last month I visited a lot of sick brothers and sisters, members of our church, at their homes and at the hospital. I was impressed by their strong desire to pass and meet the Lord. Their relatives, who come and visit them, had the possibility to hear the Gospel. 

Once a week we meet the youth of our church for singing practice.  I like to talk to unsaved young people. I met a young man, Yurii, of 40 years old. He asked me to help him with one liter of gas, because the gas in his car had ended. I told him that I would help him if I could ask him some questions first. Two more young people approached and we talked about God’s love and plan of salvation more than half an hour. They asked me a lot of questions, such as why I left the traditional religion and other questions. They told me that they don’t believe in heaven and hell, as nobody arose from death to tell how it is after. I have read them many places in the Bible answering their questions. I told them that the orthodox priest has the same Bible as mine; the problem is that he doesn’t read it to people. I pray for these people to start to read the Bible and God will reveal them His truth. 

As for me I thank the Lord even for the illness I have. Once in three months I have to drink medicine in order to decrease the intestinal infection. Pray for me to confess the Lord to the last moment of my life. We love you and thank you. We prayed for sister Marilyn and we believe that everything will be fine. We continue to pray for her recovery and may the Lord bless her family! 

Best regards, Vasil Preutesa, pastor missionary in Fagadau – Vanchikauts villages