August Update- Valery Popov

By God’s grace we have the opportunity and the privilege to enlarge the Kingdom of God.

As I informed you in the previous report, this summer we were involved mostly in organizing camps and VBS for children. After we served the Lord in the VBS in Novoseltsa where there were 60 children, I and my wife Alla were involved in two more day camps, one of which was in Rakitna village. There were 120 children who studied the Bible. We pray for all children to be opened for the Word of God. 

We had baptism in our church where three young people were baptized. One of them confessed that he was addicted to drugs 17 years, and God set him free from sin. Another young man comes from a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

Please, pray for their integration in the Lord’s ministry. Their names are Vitaly and Vasil. Thank you for everything you do for the ministry in Ukraine. May the Lord bless you! Please, pray for peace in Ukraine.  

Best wishes, Popov Valery