God knows how to convince you


This woman is called Popescu Maria and is 77 years old, her husband died about 15 years ago and now lives alone in a house nearby me.
I have often tried to invite her to our church meetings, but every time shen have at least one reason to not participate.

On the night of 20/02/2019, someone entered in Maria’s yard and stole four or five trees. The next morning she was so scared that she came to me to tell me what had happened to her, she was crying a lot. She asked me to help her, to do something because now, she was afraid to sleep in the house at night. I explained that the only solution would be to call the police and explain the situation. So, the police came, and Maria calmed down. Because I helped her and I was close to her, she told me that she wanted to thank me somehow.

I told her that I would be very happy if she would accept to come only once at our Church meetings.
The next day, we were very glad to see Maria entering the door of our house and be part with us at the church meeting, but it was even greater joy to see how the Holy Spirit touched it. On Thursday (March 21, 2019), Maria gave her life to our Lord Jesus Christ.

We rejoice enormously when we see God's wonderful way of working her lives, and it makes us great joy to share with you these wonderful experiences.

Pray for Maria, that the Lord will help her to keep her decision, to follow the Lord. God bless you all!