Every time I have to make this monthly information, I think how to be shorter, more transparent, so that everything is reflected in truth and not exaggerations. I would like to make this clear from the beginning, I do not want to impress anyone, but to show everything as before the Lord Jesus who knows us both inside and out.

My activity, or rather the service that I have from God in the place where I was seated, is spread in two Roma villages: Rotunda and Valea Dumiresti, the Tigveni orphanage and, once a month, at the old foster care in Suici village. I have noticed that the gospel is also spreading through social activities, when you buy medicines for sisters or brothers who are sick and have no money to buy them, when God puts on your heart not to be insensitive to their needs: for example a sister having managed to build a room for her to live, in the village of Rotunda, near the Church, we helped her build the foundation, with 10 bags of cement.

All of this can be reflected in the testimony that we have to show in this world, the purpose being as many people to be saved for eternity. All the time I tell people that i met that I have a desire in my heart to meet with each of them in Heaven. I am more and more certain that the coming of Jesus is near.

The girls from Orphanage were visited by Sister Gabi and brother Cornel Stef together with a team from the USA. Since then, they are mentioned in the girls prayers continuously at Orphanage and at Church.

In the Roma villages, I would like to continue the programs with children and separately the programs with adults. We teach children many Bible verses and stories. I was encouraged to proclaim the word, to plant the good seed of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit will make it Alive.

I stop here, and because this week we will have a meeting with missionaries in Alba Iulia about which I will write in the future report, I would like to thank with all my heart to the PIEI committee in Romania and the USA, as well as the sponsors who help us and who are partners with us at the spreading the gospel in the places where God has placed us.
I would mention ED and DAIANA, this wonderful family that has been by my side and who didn’t left me, for a long time, the Matei Scheau family, Sister Naomi and Sister Barac, etc.

Traian Chilau - PIEI Missionary

” We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you, Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love which ye have to all the saints “ - Colossians 1:3-4