Updates from July

I would like to write few lines because this month we felt the Grace of God acompaing us through the path of faith.

I have decided that as long as He will let me live on earth until I will be moved up there in the sky, I will live for Him and to praise Him. I am glad that the work I do, does not give me any merit and I can see how His good hand accompanies me. My daily prayer is to let Him pour into my heart the desire to reach the lost souls wither from the Orphanage or the gypsy villages

This month I took part to the funeral service of my ex- colleague at work and the other week I also took part to the funeral of my ex-boss. I am glad that to both of them I had the opportunity to confess Jesus before their death.

At the orphanage we go through the course "Masterpiece" and we have a positive response (although we are going slower and trying not to hurry anybody because we want to understand it especially with the heart, not only thelogically)

At the gypsy village when I receive clothes (gathered from donors) they express a lot of joy in their heart. This cause me to challenge them to pray for all who has in their hearts the work from. I would like to mention the PIEI Committee in Romania and the US committee, ED and DIANA and all their families for both financial and spiritual support for the family, Matthew and Claudia Scheau, Sister Naomi fam Barac and for all who pray and have the heart to help us in the work I do here.

May GOd reward you all as He knows what you need. I want to encourage you with Isaiah 46:4 a verse I read today and made very good for my soul.

Traian Chilau missionary PIEI.