News from November

I am sharing a monthly report with you again, and as usual, I want to include something new. Every day is a new opportunity to minister, to see how big God is and how much we should be focusing on knowing the Lord Jesus.

In November, through His grace, I had a few serving opportunities. Such is the orphanage ministry. There, the older children are divided into prayer and study groups, and also take part in evangelisms at their level of understanding, where they live and work. In the gypsy villages, in Rotunda and Val ea Dumiresti, the children’s program goes well. Investing in children means preparing the next generation. We take care of the adults as well, helping them toward spiritual growth and keeping the hope of where they are going, while waiting for the Lord Jesus every day.

This month we had the pleasure of finishing the first book from the Nehemiah course, taught by brother Sofrac and his wife Dorina. We hope to take what we have learned and apply to our church’s situation. We look to reach out to one more village, to plant a church there. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, learning together on Friday night and Saturday morning. We had lunch together and then went to a youth meeting in the village of Tutana with brother Sofrac and his wife. There, we had great fellowship, and saw the youth study the Word of God, the book of Ruth.

I want to thank the PIE board from Romania and the USA, and all sponsors, for all the spiritual and financial support throughout this year. All we can do is pray for all who would like to get involved in this wonderful ministry of furthering the kingdom of God. We pray that He blesses all of you with health, and that He blesses your family, church and work. I close with the verse from Isaiah 50:4 “The Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary.”

PIE Missionary, Traian Chilau