Update from Pastor Traian Chilau

I have had a bad cold, which lasted 3 weeks and I had to go to hospital. There, I have understood why I had to be there: to reach out souls who need salvation. Therefore, during the time spent there I talked to people in groups or individually about the significance of being saved. I pray that all who have heard about Jesus Christ would be in Heaven.

In the same time I would like to mention the seminary I had together with missionaries at Alba Iulia. We have studied the 4th course called “Administrating the church growth”. I went to this seminary along with my collaborators: brother Aurel and Ninel. We have run over 5 lessons, were glad to see P.I.E.I. Committee, and received many encouragements and help.

Together with the kids from the orphanage in Tigveni we visited the churches in gipsy villages, being a reason of joy for them.

In the end I would like to thank PIEI Committees in Romania and the States, the sponsors who help us financially and in prayer. You are all in our hearts.

I greet you with 1 Peter 1:7
Traian Chilau