Childrens Ministry / Evangelism Services

I thank the Lord that we started 2018 well. We had 25 children attend Bible School. We continue to meet with them every Friday, and we pray that this number would increase. I am glad to see them participate with joy. They have permission from their parents to attend. We pray for the parents that they would get to know God through their children.

Beginning on Jan 7th we had a week of prayer with the churches in the area. In Bucerdea we had three evangelistic evenings where non-believers participated. The church building was filled to the brim. Together with the church we are now fasting and praying that the Holy Spirit would convict them of their need for salvation. At Telna, together with the sisters group, we continue to visit the sick, to encourage them and talk to them about Lord Jesus. We want, in this way, to be a testimony for the people in the village, and so, the Name of the Lord would be glorified. With the church in Telna, we are engaged in a daily prayer chain, two people at the same time. We pray for the children’s ministry and for a week of evangelism in February.

I thank God for the support in serving, and to Trinity Church and everyone supporting us financially and spiritually.

Prayer Needs:

-           For the children’s park project in Telna

-           For the children who participate in Bible School

-           For the youth team who works with the children: vision and strategies in the ministry

-           For the non-believers who participated in the evangelism service in Bucerdea