November Updates

Through the social project we are involved in with the pastoral circle, I have been very helpful to sister Ana from the village of Sard, who is parkinsonian and her financial possibilities are limited.

I bought wood for heating throughout the winter. Now she's happy and thankful to the Lord because she's ready for the cold season. Through this action I was a testimony to Sister Ana's neighbors and I had the opportunity to talk about Jesus.

Thanks to Brother Carl who also supports me in this action and to buy wood, medication and food for those in need. May the Lord bless and reward you.

I mention that woods cost was $450 for all winter.

Needs and reasons for prayer:

* For the unsaved ones from our village to decide for the Lord Jesus

* To have financial resources to continue to help the poor ones

God bless you!

Tani Nemes / PIE.Romania


Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24200 from the donation form, and specify my name / project in the Comment section.