Updates from January

In the first week of January, we held a special time of prayer and fellowship among all churches in the pastoral circle. With God’s help we also continued Bible school and the English classes with the children in Telna. There are 16 children participating. We pray that the Holy Spirit touches their heart and their parents’ as well. After the English class we have a time of relaxation and play (ping-pong). The children are very glad to be part of this, and we hope to organize a competition with prizes.

There were three sisters in the hospital, and while visiting them, I talked with the other patients about the Lord Jesus. I pray that the seed would bring fruit for His glory.

On Jan 29th we had a baptism in Bucerdea where a 20 year old man and a 65 year old woman committed their life to Christ publicly. Some of the people who attended were relatives of the young man and the children of the woman, all non-believers. We pray that the Holy Spirit would convict them of their need for salvation.

I am thankful for health and guidance, and to Trinity Church, for their prayer and financial support. I thank God for all the PIE missionaries and workers, and I pray that we all serve God with dedication.

Prayer for:

-          The children who participate in the English courses, to be steadfast

-          All who are non-believers and participated at the bapstism service, to be captivated by the Word

-          Me and my family

May God bless you!