October 2017

Thanks be to God for the meeting on Oct 21st with the missionaries and pastors in the PIE Organization, at the Christian Center in Alba-Iulia! I greatly enjoy the fellowship in the Word, and the special atmosphere that the Holy Spirit created.


We celebrated Thanksgiving in Sard, Telna and Bucerdea, where we invited music groups who provided special praise and worship time. We thanked God for everything He gave us this year. Many brothers and sisters from other churches participated, along with friends (non-believers) from the village. We learned that, beside the materials blessings, the most wonderful gift is the Lord Jesus. We pray that those who are not saved would choose Jesus as Lord and Savior.

We visited brothers and sisters who are sick, and had fellowship with them through Communion. I thank God that, while visiting the sick, I can talk about Jesus to those who are not Christian in their homes. I am glad that the daughter of one of our sisters from Sard came to church the following Su nday, and promised that she would continue to come. Her husband said that he wanted to start a new life with Jesus. We pray that the Lord would free him from smoking.

At Mesentea, I continued the mission work. We pray to find a family who would receive us. Winter is starting and we want to be able to continue the work inside a home.

Thanks to Brother Carl and to Trinity Church for the support in prayer and with finances.

Prayer Support:

-   For the non-believers who participated in the Thanksgiving celebration, to be convicted by the Holy Spirit of their need for Jesus

-   For Nadina who came to church, to stay steadfast in her decision, and for her father who indicated he wanted to also go to church

-   To find a house in Mesentea where we can continue the mission work during winter

May God bless you!