News from October

In the months of September and October we were actively involved in construction sites at the three churches in Bucerdea Vinoasa, Telna and Sard.

Wth the Lord’s help, in Bucerdea we built a large restroom, much needed (replacing the outhouse). This restroom is inside the church building. In Bucerdea, the construction field stays open because we started building a chapel for funeral services, useful to the church. In Telna, we painted indoors, replaced the ceiling, and painted and reupholstered the benches. In Sard, we put tile on the exterior stairs along with railing for the elderly.

In October we celebrated Thanksgiving as follows: at Sard on Oct 16th, at Bucerdea on Oct 23rd, and at Telna on Oct 30th. We had a special praise and thankfulness with the brothers and sisters from the pastoral team. We also invited the mayor, and he attended. We pray that God would make a radical change in his and his family’s life.

We also had a meeting with the children in Telna, planning the start of English classes.

We visited the elderly brothers and sisters, and shared Communion. Together with three sisters, we took food items to the poor and had the opportunity to speak with them and their families about the Lord.

We continued the mission work in Mesentea and Benic, and we pray that the Lord would bring power to decide for Him, to those who are open and allow us to speak with them about the Lord.

With the brothers and sisters from the pastoral team, we decided that in addition to the mid-week meetings, to meet specifically to pray for the missionary work. We sow the seed, but the Lord is the one to bring conviction for people to accept Him.

I thank the Lord for all the help in ministry, and to the Trinity Church for the financial support.

Needs and prayer requests:

-           That God would help us find the necessary financial resourcs to finish building the chapel

-           For he children who attend the English courses, and for their parents

-           For the Villages of Mesentea and Benic, and the teams that work there, not to be discouraged

-           For me and my family

May God bless you!