Baby Expo

Spero Designs a small ministry among big brands at Baby Boom in Bucharest :) It might make people think what were we doing there, and I tend to agree that it didn't seem that we were part of that place, but once again we could see that the Lord was with us and blessed us. 

It was definitely a challenge that we had to take to conquer ourselves in order to make our little growing steps. Some of you heard our story about this big show and supported us in prayer while we were at the show. Thank you very much

About the show. Over all, looking back it was a very good experience. I have learned many things. I felt that the Lord has thrown me into the deep end, out of my comfort zone. I never wanted to sell, I don't like selling but by being there I had to over come my self as there was ONLY one way to go for me, and that was "Forward" . I had to start selling on a "cold" market, to people who came to that show looking for something else. I had to present a product " Reusable food wraps" to a market that never heard of it or ever been interested in it and make them buy it, and quite many bought it. This make me think of this experience as a SUCCES. We sold a bit of everything but the top sold product was the Food Wraps. The Lord blessed us, was with us. Thank you for your partnership in this and for your prayers.

We are now preparing to go to another big show in May. 

Please take a minute and pray for a SUCCES at the Baby Expo show in May. 

Thank you very much.

Florina Darvell - PIEI Missionary